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Making it...local

Started home brewing after college in Boston in 1992.  Over the years since then I have experimented with all things fermentable including craft ciders.  After many years of honing my skills and determining that most commercially available ciders were too sweet for my tastes, I launched Acre and Spade in April 2017 with a simple mission: Focus on less sweet craft ciders, produce locally and self distribute. 

We believe that good cider is hard work.  And that hard work is a virtue.  Our collection of small batch craft ciders are produced locally in Penngrove, CA with some barrel-aged up to 3 months on site in the historic Denman Creamery built in 1896.  We use only fresh pressed West Coast apples and local ingrediants.  We are honored to be a part of the local Petaluma/Penngrove makers community and strive to develop high quality, approachable and fun products for all to enjoy. 

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